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The Benefits of Small Batch

Put simply, Small Batch it’s making products in small batches vs mass production where hundreds or thousands at a time are produced. I'll be making all Global Girl products in small batches and there are a lot of benefits to doing it this way. 


The Benefits of Small Batch

Small Batch is a great thing for products where time impacts the quality of the finished product. We get this about food items but maybe we’ve never thought about the freshness factor in our personal care products like makeup, skincare, and bodycare.

With mass production you’re making millions of units at a time but it may take you a year to sell them all. How do you ensure the product remains viable and effective for so long? Preservatives are often added to make the product last longer. One benefit of small batch is that you can either make a small amount up front or even do made-to-order. No need to store a product for long periods of time before it gets into the hands of a customer to use.

Small Batch = Big Price?

It’s true that the labor cost to produce small batches is more than to produce in large quantities but it’s not always the case that the retail price will be more than other mass produced goods. Labor is just one element of a product’s retail price. Overhead is another element of price and the larger the business, the more overhead they usually have.

Small businesses today are launching as lean as possible by keeping overhead costs low. Products from small batch manufacturers usually allocate more of the product’s price to the ingredients themselves vs large, commercial, mass produced brands for whom more of the price must go to cover their overhead.