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My Creative Story Part 2 - Expansion

“' For whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them.”
- Matthew 25:29

Yes, I am one of those.  Those people who get mental pictures of things that doesn’t exist and we want it too. We are always being inspired by something and it becomes our mission to figure out how to give life to what’s in our heads.

For me this has meant a lifelong, multi-medium creative business journey that’s allowed me to do a bunch of different things from acrylic painting to jewelry-making to leather accessories to home décor pieces to graphic design to website development to producing popup shops.

My interest in bath, body, and personal care products began like many entrepreneurial ventures – with my own need for a more natural and more effective lotion.

I spent most of my life blissful unaware that dry skin was a thing until I got into my forties. My formerly soft and supple skin began to feel rough and dry.  For a while I used an off-the-shelf lotion that had a decent amount of oil it, but after a few years they changed the formula and it became thin and watery and didn't work as well anymore.

I looked around for another off-the-shelf product but all of the other lotions were watery. When body butters came along I was surprised to find that although they were thicker than lotions, most of them also listed water as the first ingredient which means they are mostly water also.

My next move was to DIY my own solution.  The internet made it possible for me to learn the science around formulating and the raw botanical ingredients that I wanted to use. I also learned about how the big brands make their products. There was also research into the potential side-effects of the preservatives commonly used in commercially-produced personal care and beauty products to artificially make them last longer by preventing the growth of yeast, mold, and bacteria. Many of these ingredients have negative impacts on our bodies especially for women and children. By this time I’d had an aunt and a cousin develop breast cancer and another aunt develop uterine cancer.  All survived and all are still cancer-free today but this made formulating more natural bodycare a priority for me.

I had an existing business called Olivia & Ruby that focused on my handmade hats, fascinators, feather pins, and jewelry so I was able to add my first shea butter products to.  O+R was a vintage-inspired brand which was created around the original vintage-inspired accessories but not as much for the bath & body goods.

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