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Step 2 - Visual Identity

As a visual person, one of the first things I do when I get a new idea is to create a logo, storyboard, or some other visual representation of the idea.  It’s like the idea doesn’t become real until I have something that I can print or view.

For GG, I knew I wanted to use the same color story that I created for my blog FabFaithLife (FFL).  I wanted GG and FFL to be connected to each other and I’ using color as a way to do that.

The first thing I did was to play around with logo designs.  Since the name was not completely new, I had some old graphics where I used the ‘G’ as the graphic icon but it just didn’t seem like the right one for Global Girl Apothecary.

When I thought of the brand the words that come to mind are natural, botanical, organic, green, lush.  I thought a tree really represents all of those things so that’s where I started. The other elements of the brand are global, travel, worldwide, and earth so if you notice behind the tree is a modified globe. The current GG logo was actually the first one I designed using those elements so I went with it to get me started. Turns out that I really liked it.

Because I like the creative stuff I can waste a lot of time designing and re-designing graphics but that’s not the best use of my limited time.  Lean/Agile way of launching a business says that your goal is to get to the MVP – minimum viable product and test that.  This way of doing things saves a lot of time and I can always come back and revise it if it doesn’t seem to be working.

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