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Perfume Oil Gift Set of 4
Perfume Oil Gift Set of 4
Perfume Oil Gift Set of 4
Perfume Oil Gift Set of 4
Perfume Oil Gift Set of 4

Perfume Oil Gift Set of 4

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Can't decide which perfume you want?  Try all 4 and Save $10!

GG Roller-Ball Perfume Gift Box gives you all four scents to try, share, or keep. 

Each perfume is 10ml for a total of 40ml

About each Scent

The Tropicallis Scent Story

Tropicallis is tropical escape. Simply close your eyes and take and breathe in this delightful scent and you will be transported to a tropical island lush with ferns, flowers, and fruity hints of mango and papaya gifting you with their bountiful fragrances from nearby trees.  If you’re a fan of island life – Tropicallis is for you.

Scent origins – Mexico, Jamaica, the Philippines, and India

The Olivia No2 Scent Story

Olivia No2's namesake is my grandmother Olivia.  She was from a vintage era where grace and grit were mandatory traits to thrive. This scent gives you a sensory experience of soothing white tea, fresh bay leaves, with hints of orange zest.

Scent origins - China & The West Indies

The Coconilla Scent Story

Coconilla blends the freshness of coconut with the subtle warmth of vanilla bean for a pleasing, comforting, understated scent experience.  If you’re looking for delicate scent to go about your day – Coconilla is for you.

Scent origins - Indonesia, the Philippines, and India.

The Memphis Scent Story

Memphis is known for our brief Spring seasons. One day it’s 65° and the next thing we know it’s 105°. One Spring day in March I was on the interstate heading east on my way home and I took note of the loveliness of the day with 75°, bright and sunny, with not a cloud in the cornflower blue skies.  I was driving with the windows down and thought to myself “today is a beautiful day.” Later on while working in the studio I blended a little peach, a little champagne, a tiny hint of ginger.  When I closed my eyes and smelled it. I paused and thought through each note that wafted past my nose. This scent smelled like a lovely spring day in Memphis. If you’re looking for a vibrant, cheerful scent that can elevate your mood and serve some serious self-care - Lovely Day is for you.

Scent Origins – USA, France, India, and China