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My Story

Hi - I'm Tonya and I have a dream to create a brand, a business, and a community around wellness, travel, and economic empowerment for women. After 20+ years working for a large corporation it's time for me to build my own business where I can show-up everyday as my authentic self and passionately champion the people and causes I believe in . It's a big task and I know I can't do it on my own. I invite you to join me on the journey!

It was January 2019, the first month of the year I would turn 50.  I remember waking up with a feeling that I was supposed to be doing something different.  I've always loved to travel and have visited many places in the US but very little international other than Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.  I was ready to go abroad.

In the years prior I became fascinated with learning about life in other countries. Their history, culture, business climate, and how people live. It was during this time that the idea for Global Girl was born.

That January morning, I was convinced that living abroad was where I supposed to be and I began to pray and figure out how I could make this a reality. After all I'm a grownup with grownup responsibilities - mortgage, student loan, aging parent, and credit card debt. #BigFacts

Timing Is Everything

A few months after my grand revelation, my company offered a buyout and I just knew the Lord had heard my prayer and orchestrated this buyout just for me.  With the buyout money I could pay off all my credit cards, auto loan, and have money to live on as I explored the world. I would rent my house out while I was away to cover the mortgage.  Seemed like a perfect plan to me so I submitted my request for the buyout.  All I had to do was wait to get the good news later that April.

April Fools

The big day came. I nervously watched my inbox for an email from HR confirming my approval. The email came....but it came with a regret letter. My offer for voluntary buyout was not accepted.  I was crushed!  What now? 


One of the barriers to my going abroad was money so not getting the buyout was devastating.  I had to figure out another way.  I've always been entreprenurially-minded and had several side hustles in various states of progress.  Now was the time to focus all my attention on one of them and grow it.