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More is ALWAYS Better!

Global Glow Botanical Body Balm is here to give your skin what it needs for your very own personal Glow-Up!

Global Glow contains:

Our Global Glow Skin Balm contains 3 botanical butters + 4 botanical oils + 4 botanical extracts + 5 essential oils giving your skin the nutrition it needs for a lasting healthy glow. Global Glow also provides a protective layer to prevent moisture loss and to shield your skin from harmful elements like cold or dry air.

Organic Shea Butter from Ghana
Aloe Butter from America
Cupuacu Butter from Brazil
Komba Butter from West Africa
Passionfruit/Maracuja Oil from Peru
Baobab Oil from Madagascar
Irish Sea Moss Extract from ?
Calendula Extract from ?
Tangerine Essential Oil from the USA
Eucalyptus Essential Oil from China
Lavender Essential Oil from Bulgaria
Lemongrass Essential Oil from India
Cedarwood Essential Oil from Morocco