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Memphis Perfume Oil
Memphis Perfume Oil

Memphis Perfume Oil

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The natural alternative to alcohol-based perfumes!

GG Roller-Ball Perfumes give you a hit of scent just where you want it.  It's a very simple but potent perfume made with an oil base.

Size = 10ml

The Memphis Scent Story

Memphis is known for our brief Spring seasons. One day it’s 65° and the next thing we know it’s 105°. One Spring day in March I was on the interstate heading east on my way home and I took note of the loveliness of the day with 75°, bright and sunny, with not a cloud in the cornflower blue skies.  I was driving with the windows down and thought to myself “today is a beautiful day.” Later on while working in the studio I blended a little peach, a little champagne, a tiny hint of ginger.  When I closed my eyes and smelled it. I paused and thought through each note that wafted past my nose. This scent smelled like a lovely spring day in Memphis. If you’re looking for a vibrant, cheerful scent that can elevate your mood and serve some serious self-care - Lovely Day is for you.

Scent Origins – USA, France, India, and China