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Global Girl Apothecary - Making Shea Butter Sexy!

Hey Yall - I'm Tonya, the brains and hands behind Global Girl.

Can I tell you a secret? I'm not a fan of the smell of shea butter.  #PleaseDontJudgeMe

Blame it on nature. Many natural things that are good for us don’t smell so great to us and shea butter is one of those.  Broccoli is another example. I love it roasted in the oven with olive oil, garlic, and kosher salt...but leave it out on the counter and #whewchile.

Scents, aromas, and smells are a big thing with me.  Shea butter in it's raw, unprocessed form has an "earthy” scent to it that just don't sit right in my spirit. But the negatives of the natural aroma are far outweighed by the benefits shea brings to our skin:

My challenge was to figure out how to use raw shea butter in formulating products that smell as good as they are nourishing to our skin. I accepted the challenge and this is how Global Girl Apothecary was born.

The ART + SCIENCE of Body Care

Formulating natural products is both art and science and I love both aspects of it. The science is understanding the natural world and the characteristics of the botanicals available. The creativity is in blending them together in a way that provides the greatest good for our skin.

I invite you to try Global Girl products and watch the #GlowUp!

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