Global Girl Apothecary Botanical ingredients from all around the world formulated into thoughtful products for grown-up skin.

I’m about being intentional and thoughtful in the botanicals I formulate with and the products I create. I want to craft products that are as natural and un-adulterated as possible while being safe, good for our skin, and effective.

Going the Extra Mile

Global Girl is different because we go the extra mile to use botanicals in our formulations that are not commonly being used because they are challenging to work with. My philosophy is that if they work well for our skin and provide nutrients, it’s my job to figure out how to use them in our formulations.

That can mean things like taking the extra time to formulate scents that work with the natural aroma of a raw shea butter instead of using a refined, deodorized version that’s had the natural scent and nutrients stripped out. It means we adapt to nature instead of adding a chemical to make nature more convenient for us.

From a Vision to a Business

I have a big, audacious dream to build a thoughtful skin care company that inspires, empowers, and supports women at every stage of their life, especially women over 50.

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