Wellness Philosophy

Our Wellness Philosophy

With Global Girl, my philosophy is to create products that meet three core values - they are safe, they are effective, and they are as natural as possible.

#1 - Safe

Before using an ingredient I make sure that it's safe by checking the EWG Skin Deep Database which ranks ingredients commonly used in beauty products.

The FDA does not regulate beauty or personal care products. Both of these industries are self-regulating which means the industry has established a set of standards called Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to govern how products should be produced. Global Girl adheres to GMP for everything we produce.

Formulating is both an Art and Science. Science says that when you add water or water-containing ingredients to a formula you introduce the potential for mold, bacteria, and fungus to grow so you MUST include a preservative to the formula to prevent this from happening. No exceptions. It's just not safe.

Water-free formulations and soaps don't need to be preserved. The exception to this rule is if there is a change that water may get introduced into the product during use.  AN example of this would be a oil-based body scrub that's used in a bath or shower where a used will be dipping wet hands into the jar. 

#2 - Effective

Once the safety issue has been addressed the next goal is to formulate products that are effective and work well for our skin. Key to this researching and sourcing each botanical ingredient and it's benefits.

#3 - As Natural As Possible

There is no officially accepted definition of what a natural product is.  Each brand can define it how they wish. For Global Girl, natural means formulating products with plant-based ingredients and limiting synthetic ingredients wherever possible. The exceptions to this rule are when non-botanical ingredients are needed for safety or effectiveness reasons (see #1 and #2).