About Shea Butter

When does shea body butter expire?

One year from the date of purchase.


Can I use shea body butter on my hair?



Can I use shea butter on my face?

Not recommended. My butters do contain fragrance and/or essential oils which may not work for your face which is usually more sensitive than the skin on your body.


When should I apply shea body butters?

A good time to apply shea butter is immediately after drying off from a bath or shower when your pores are open and the shea butter will be absorbed best but it will work anytime.


Are your shea body butters whipped?

No. Whipping anything (egg whites, mashed potatoes, shea butter) adds a lot of air into the product making it lighter.  The bad news is that when you buy a whipped butter you’re getting less product. I decided to stick with a non-whipped butter so you’re getting all of the good stuff in each jar.  You can always use a mini whisk to whip it yourself, if you prefer.  Just have an extra jar on hand because whipped butters take up more space.


Will shea butter help eczema?

I am not a medical doctor and cannot provide medical advice. There are many people who testify that shea butter helped their eczema.


Why is shea butter good for skin?

Shea butter contains a lot of good stuff – Vitamins A, C, and E. It also contains cinnamate esters which have been shown to exhibit anti-inflammatory properties. Below are some resources you can review: