How It Started

How it all started

It’s 2014 and I buy a new bottle of the lotion I’d been using for years but this bottle was different. In place of the oil-rich formula I’d gotten use to slathering on my dry, ashy skin was a watery, thin lotion that did not keep me soft, supple, and glistening anymore.

I tried a few other brands but none of them did what I needed them to do. They would start out well but by noon, my skin was not looking right at all.  As a lifelong creative & maker, I started researching ingredients that I could use to make my own lotion. I’d heard about shea butter but I didn’t know all of its’ benefits. When I learned this – I was sold on developing my own body butter.

Over the next two years I tested a variety of ways of making a body butter. I tested whipped butters and un-whipped ones. I tested a bunch of essential and fragrance oil blends to see which ones worked with the strong, natural scent of shea butter.

After two years of testing, I arrived at a great formula, an innovative process for making my butters, and a series of fragrance blends that range from clean & modern, to light & fruity, to vintage-inspired.  Originally I branded them Olivia & Ruby but re-branded to Global Girl Apothecary to reflect the global nature of the brand.

Where We're Headed

I have BIG plans for GG!  I'm developing a line a skincare products that I'll be launching over the next year. I also want to expand to cover other unique goods made around the world.

I'm enjoying the journey and I pray you will enjoy my products.

Live Blessed!